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Women's Continence and Pelvic Health

Did you know that 12 million American adults have bladder control issues, and one in four woman have a problem with unintended leakage of urine? See, you’re not alone.

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women's continenceWhile experts do not always fully understand the causes of this problem, we at the Women’s Continence and Pelvic Health Center understand treatment options. We are dedicated to treating each woman with personalized options in a comfortable, supportive environment.

The reasons behind incontinence can cover a wide range of problems, including stress incontinence (leakage due to sneezing or coughing) and urge incontinence (frequent urination, also known as overactive bladder. To understand the reasons behind your incontinence, a nurse practitioner will exam you, check your bladder, take a brief history, and perform a pelvic exam. While each patient’s course of treatment may vary, options are tailored to fit the individual patient and could include exercise, medication, or surgery.

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Maria Powers
Women's Health Nurse Practitioner