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What is the Mothers in Recovery Program?

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To learn more about Mothers in Recovery: Phone: (603) 354-5440

The MIR program provides medication management, weekly group therapy, and specialized prenatal and postpartum care with an end goal of a healthy pregnancy, full-term delivery, and healthy newborn cared for with special attention focused on their unique needs.

Medication-assisted treatment involves careful, ongoing administration of a maintenance drug called buprenorphine (brand name Subutex).

This medication helps to decrease cravings and manage opioid withdrawal symptoms (sweats, pain, tremors, insomnia), increasing the likelihood of success in treatment and in maintaining sobriety.

Group therapy, led by a clinical psychologist is held weekly, three weeks out of every four. The fourth week is devoted to group prenatal care, also referred to as the Centering Pregnancy© model—a standard part of prenatal care offered at CMC/DH.

Group therapy and medical management also continue postpartum with a focus is not only on substance use therapy, but also on just being a mom and being with others who can understand.

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