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Timken Gift

A generous gift from The Timken Foundation of Canton allowed Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene to construct and equip a new Training Center for Patient Safety featuring simulation. The center features high fidelity simulation mannequins, which are used as patients in realistic medical scenarios in a safe, learning environment.

simulation lab

A simulation center helps to develop confidence and competence among nursing students and doctors using computerized, life-like mannequins that talk, breathe, have pulses, heartbeats, and fluids. Health care providers are trained and tested by programmed computers that deliver patient symptoms to help students process and respond to problems properly. The data from the artificial patient is then recorded and evaluated by an instructor to better guide students in appropriate decision-making skills All scenarios are videotaped and analyzed, containing all the patient vital sign indicators, allowing for detailed post-scenario evaluation.

The Timken Foundation of Canton’s donation supported the construction and completion of the sophisticated training and education center, designed to resemble a typical patient room with a hospital bed and patient simulator, equipped with oxygen and IV equipment. A laptop and video screen allows the instructor to gather data and information while capable of monitoring the patient simulator from an observation room. Simulation is used for nursing students, recent graduates of nursing schools, nurses re-entering the workforce, nurses seeking specialization in critical care, emergency medical technicians, and lab technicians.

As a result of the donation from the Timken Foundation of Canton, Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene hopes to improve the overall quality and capacity of its training center, increasing its ability to recruit and train nurses and expand its ability to use hands-on simulation with a wider range of staff.

The 405 square foot training and education center is located on the Lower Level of Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene. It will also serve as the only simulation lab for nursing students enrolled in River Valley Community College, Keene, New Hampshire and also be a resource to other health and human service agencies, such as visiting nurses, as well as to first responders in our community, such as the city’s emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics.