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At the Sports Medicine Center, we understand that there is an increasing emphasis on the role of healthy lifestyles in reducing risk for many illnesses, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes; there has been an increase in physical activity both recreationally and in organized team events. Additionally, the growth of organized youth sports contributes significantly to the large population at risk for sports related injuries.

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 Sports Medicine can be defined as the study of the mechanics, prevention and treatment of injuries occurring during organized and leisure recreational sports activities. At the Sports Medicine Center at Cheshire Medical Center, our goals are to prevent and treat injuries that do occur in a timely and effective manner, enabling athletes, dancers, gymnasts, and all those who participate in strenuous physical activities to return to those activities as soon as possible.

The components of the coordinated Sports Medicine Program include education, training and conditioning, as well as "on field" and clinical management of injuries. The primary focus is on providing education, prevention and management of sports related injuries by a staff of specially trained and credentialed clinicians.