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Short Stay Surgery

The Short Stay Unit (SSU) is the pre-operative preparation area for surgical procedures. In the SSU, patients undergo preadmission testing by highly skilled RNs in order to establish a comprehensive health assessment prior to surgery.

Preadmission testing is a vital step in the surgical process. Preoperative tests include EKG, lab work, and an overall health assessment that gathers information on family history and reviews background questions that cover the patient from head to toe.

Why Choose Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene?

The SSU environment at the Cheshire Medical Center provides the highest level of comfort and privacy to address concerns that might arise prior to undergoing a surgical procedure. Staffed by nine RNs who are ACLS certified, and three support staff, the SSU team has the expertise, knowledge, and dedication to prepare a patient thoroughly for surgery, while creating a positive, comfortable, reassuring environment.

Additional Contact Info:

Sandra Raabe, RN, CNOR
603-354-5454 x2868