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The Farnum Rehabilitation Center's Driver Evaluation Program was developed to evaluate an individual's potential to safely return to driving in the community. It is designed for:

  • physically disabled individuals who are interested in returning to driving
  • cognitively impaired individuals, to clarify their driving abilities and identify areas of concern
  • physicians, families and others who are concerned about an individual's ability to drive safely
The Program

The Driver Evaluation Program has two components: a clinical evaluation and an on-the-road test.

  • Clinical Evaluation: Administered by an occupational therapist, this evaluation examines physical abilities, cognitive and perceptual skills, and other driving-related skills.
  • On-The-Road Test: Following completion of the clinical evaluation, a road assessment is conducted by an occupational therapist and a licensed driving school instructor. The person's ability to handle a vehicle in a variety of traffic situations, and the need for adaptive equipment are assessed.

After a client completes both the clinical evaluation and road assessment, the driving instructor and the occupational therapist will make one of the following recommendations to the client's referring physician:

  • resume driving
  • continue on-the-road instruction with either a professional driving instructor or family members
  • further therapeutic intervention
  • referral to another program to more specifically address the individual's equipment and/or training needs
  • not to pursue driving or driver training at the present time: re-evaluation may be considered at a later date following a physician recommendation

To be eligible for the Driver Evaluation Program you must:

  • have a valid driver's license
  • have a physician's referral
  • be seizue-free for at least one year
Insurance Information

Some insurers may cover a portion of the cost of the Driver Evaluation Program. You will need to check with your insurance company to determine coverage. Fees are discussed in detail prior to the scheduling of the evaluation.