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Your Hospital Stay

The hospital stay after your delivery is a short period of time compared to the time you will have at home with your new baby.

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It averages about 2 days after a vaginal delivery and 3 days after a c-section. This is an important time for you and your baby to bond, to be together, and to get to know one another. You, your partner and the baby will need some much-deserved rest.

The hours will go by quickly as you catch up on sleep, learn to feed your baby and care for him. You will be on a natural “high” after delivery with lots of energy, so be aware that it will quickly run out. Your body is recovering from the rigors of labor and delivery and your energy is going toward healing and producing breast milk if you are nursing.

The postpartum stay is also busy time for both mother and baby. The nursing staff will show and teach you important things about yourself and baby before you go home.

If you have other children at home they will want to visit and are welcome. This time in the hospital, however, may be the one time you get to be alone with your new baby. It is exciting for family and friends as well, but you may want to consider postponing lots of visitors until you are home.

Entertaining visitors for long periods of time may rob you of this energy supply and make some things more difficult to do. Breastfeeding can take time and effort as both you and baby learn how to do this. You need time with staff to help you and alone time to master this before you head home.