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Your Birth Plan

The birth of a child is one of the most important and profound events in the life of a family.

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The birth experience offers great potential for growth. Women who are educated about the birth process and who know they are in control of the birth environment, gain confidence in their ability to bear their children with power and dignity

This Birth Choices sheet is a way for us to understand you better and help you create the birth experience you desire. Please feel free to be creative and elaborate as much as you like. If we know both your fears and your wishes, it will help us individualize a birth experience for you and your family. Communicating your feelings honestly will help us create the best environment for you. Please understand you can change your mind about anything you have written at any time, even during your labor. One of the providers will review this plan with you during one of your prenatal care appointments and it will be attached to your prenatal record.

It is our hope your child’s birth will be a wonderful and empowering experience.

Birth Plan Worksheet (PDF file)