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Weight Gain: Where it all Goes

The average weight gain in pregnancy is about 30 pounds. But have you ever met an "average" woman?

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The average woman is made up of a whole range of women, all of whom have normal pregnancies. At the two extremes of weight gain -- too much and too little – there can be more complications. However, putting a pregnant woman on a diet if she gains too much or force-feeding a woman who is gaining too little is not healthy during pregnancy.

The physiology of maternal weight gain has more to it than simply the amount of weight the mother gains in a pregnancy. Weight gain during pregnancy can be thought of as being part of one’s whole health, and weight gain often depends on how much you weighed before becoming pregnant.

Our recommendations:

  • Obey your appetite. Eat when you are actually hungry, and don’t eat when you are not.
  • Eat smaller meals throughout the day. Try to eat something every two hours rather than a couple of big meals.
  • When you eat, make good choices. See our nutritional guidelines or let us know if we can help.
  • Establish an exercise routine. Make it a priority and follow our exercise guidelines. We also offer prenatal exercise classes.

If you obey your appetite and make good choices and even establish good exercise, the weight you gain during pregnancy will be just right.

Where it all goes
Breasts 1 pound
Placenta 1.4 pounds
Fluids and Blood 8.3 pounds
Baby 7.5 pounds
Uterus 2.1 pounds
Other changes 7.2 pounds
Total 27.5 pounds