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Prenatal Bonding

Being pregnant is one of the most, if not the most, important events of your life. You are preparing a new generation to carry on your family name and traditions. You are preparing a child to be a valuable influence in this world.

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While you are pregnant is a vital time to build a foundation for your child, not just when the baby is born. A developing child needs to feel welcomed and not treated as a disease or condition. In some cases a baby growing inside is not accepted as real until he or she is born. Just imagine your baby saying, "Hey! I am a person even if you don't think I am!"

Dr. David Chamberlin, a well-known psychologist who had done research in prenatal development, psychology and bonding has said, "The womb is a classroom and every baby must attend." It is an intense learning period in one's life and a time to establish patterns for a lifetime.

The Institute For Perinatal Education created by Dr. Fred Wirth, a well-know neonatologist, has listed seven keys to a successful pregnancy:

  • Connect emotionally with your unborn child
  • Release your stress
  • Develop a positive flow state
  • Be at your personal best for your developing baby
  • Use your brain and body to become your unborn child's brain architect
  • Communicate effectively to improve your family's health
  • Develop a pregnancy mission statement

A baby's emotional tone is set prior to birth. There is a strong connection both in utero and in our everyday lives between mind, body and emotions. Eliminating stress is important to baby's developing brain.

All the baby's senses are developed by the time he or she is 23 weeks gestation. The ear is in place by 3 weeks and functional by the 16th. Active listening occurs by the 24th week. Hearing, of all the baby's senses, is the most highly developed before birth. Emotional involvement and expression reveal themselves as early as 10 weeks, and touch is developed by 16 weeks, as well as taste and smell. Vision develops by 18-20 weeks.

Celebrate your baby while he or she is growing inside you and maintain a calmness about you. Take time out every day to connect with your unborn child, letting him know how happy your are to have him as part of your family.

  • Welcoming Baby, by S. Colleen Graham
  • Loving Your Unborn Child, by Dr. Fred Wirth
  • Prenatal Parenting, by Dr. Fred Wirth