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Postpartum Bonding

The first hour and a half after the birth of your baby is a time of physical and emotional changes and a time of recovery from labor and delivery.

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We encourage a quiet, intimate environment for the new family to bond. Extended family and visitors are welcome after this special time.

Bonding is the physical and emotional connection that occurs between mother and infant when the baby is born. Bonding also occurs between fathers and babies.

Your baby will bond with you by turning to look in the direction of your voice, by searching with his or her mouth for your nipple to breastfeed, and by being comforted by your scent, touch and voice. Your baby can see your face when you hold her and distinguish your voice from others.

You will bond with your baby by exploring his or her body from head to toe, by talking and cuddling with him or her, by feeding and caring for him or her. Although you have carried this baby for nine months and he knows your voices and scents, meeting face to face is a time for exploration and discovery for you both. Make eye contact and talk softly to him while you look into his eyes to strengthen the bond you already have with your newborn.

We are committed to make sure you and your baby have quiet time to accomplish and share this important step.