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Omega Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids have been found to be extremely important to fetal neurological development.

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The brain and nervous system contain high amounts of Omega fatty acids, and are thought to keep the system running smoothly. Omega fatty acids (DHA) are important for the baby’s developing brain as it is considered the building block of the brain.

Developing fetuses cannot make their own DHA and get it from their mothers through the placenta. Most Omega fatty acids are found in fish. Unfortunately, because of high levels of mercury in fish, pregnant women cannot get enough DHA from this source to meet their nutritional needs and those of the developing fetus.

Omega fatty acids are also thought to protective against serious postpartum depression. Research indicates a link between the mother’s level of DHA and postpartum depression. The fetus takes its DHA from the mother, and if the mother’s supply is insufficient, her levels will drop, which could lead to postpartum depression. Omega 3 vitamin supplements can reduce those chances.

We recommend Omega 3 supplements or two capsules of fish or cod liver oil with each meal, or 1 Tbsp of liquid each day.