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Newborn Care

Following birth, you and your baby will stay in a private postpartum room in the birthing center of the hospital. During your stay, you will be asked to read and sign papers regarding your baby's care.

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Within the first hour of birth your baby will receive an injection of vitamin K to help his blood clot, and an antibiotic ointment in his eyes to prevent any bacteria he may have picked up during birth.

He will get his first bath in your room so you (and other family members, if you’d like) can share the experience and begin learning to care for your newborn.

Before you go home, the staff will ask your permission to give the baby his or her first hepatitis B vaccination. This is first in a series of three injections and it protects your baby from hepatitis B.

Your baby will also get a hearing test and a blood test for 11 different metabolic diseases (often called PKU test). The hearing screening will not hurt your baby and will help identify any problems so they can be treated before speech develops.

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