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At the Hubbard Center for Women’s Health our certified nurse midwives provide regular gynecological services, help monitor pregnancies, attend labor, and deliver babies. They provide many of the same services an obstetrician-gynecologist does.

A certified nurse midwife is trained as both a nurse and a midwife and has completed an accredited educational program. The word midwife has been used for centuries to describe a woman who is "with women" at birth. A midwife was traditionally an older female in the family or the community. Today, the word indicates a philosophy of care that focuses on the specific needs of women, offers a variety of options, and minimizes unnecessary intervention. They are highly educated professionals who work collaboratively with physicians.

Midwives believe that a healthy body and mind is essential for all mothers-to-be. But, even with advances in science and medicine, the basic requirements for health during pregnancy haven't changed much over the years. Midwives listen to women and provide the information you need to make informed and educated decisions about your health care.

For more information call 354-6640.

For more about midwifery, go to http://www.mymidwife.org/.