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Due Month Coping Tips

Instead of a due date think of the time from 38-42 weeks as your due month.

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You will find that as your due month approaches you’ll feel some subtle changes occurring.

You may feel that your baby has settled down in your pelvis giving you more room to breath but more pelvic pressure. Sleeping may be a challenge. As your pelvic joints soften and ready for labor your hips may ache. Using pillows under your abdomen, between your legs and behind your back may help. With less room for your bladder to fill you'll increase your trips to the bathroom.

Your family and friends may be as anxious as you to meet this baby. Have confidence that your baby will know the right day to be born. In the meantime:

  • Take care of yourself
  • Get plenty of rest, napping during the day if possible
  • Keep yourself well hydrated (the uterus is muscle and it needs fluids to do its work)
  • Get some mild exercise and fresh air each day. Women who attend the Prenatal Aquatics class say they feel better all week.
  • Try to do things that keep you mentally and emotionally stimulated without draining you. Have some fun. Visit friends, watch a movie that makes you laugh.
  • Spend time with your partner. Try some of the techniques for labor such as relaxation and breathing. Do back or foot massages. Cuddle together.