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The decision of whether to have a newborn boy circumcised is a subject of anxious debate for many parents.

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The decision is not made any easier by the intensity of feeling and opinion that new parents can face from friends and family regarding circumcision.

For some it is a clear religious decision; for others the decision is based on “like father like son.” Some people feel it is unnecessary and a harmful procedure. All worry about the pain.

The use of analgesia and anesthesia for a circumcision reduces the pain, which should give parents and their babies some relief. When a circumcision is performed, we give a child sugar water, which causes a surge of endorphins (pain relieving chemicals naturally produced in the body). This allows us then to provide an anesthetic block to the dorsal nerve of the penis (an injection just below the skin at the base of the penis) that markedly decreases the pain of the procedure. Due to the anesthetic effect, most circumcisions can be performed with only a bit of fussing from the baby.

As with any procedure, we would first fully discuss the risks and benefits of circumcision, how it is performed, and answer any questions you might have.