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Linda Hakala RN Certified Childbirth Educator: (603) 354-6641

View the current Pregnancy, Childbirth and New Parenting schedule.

Class 1
  • Introductions
  • Your Birth Philosophy
  • "Stages, A Journey Through the Birth Process" A Film
  • Feeling Well the Last Eight Weeks of Pregnancy
Class 2
  • Feeling Fit for Pregnancy and Birth: Presented by Janet Chamberlin, Physical Therapist
  • Exercise Practice: Double Hip Squeeze, Knee Press, Pelvic Tilt, etc.
  • Relaxation Techniques
Class 3
  • Trusting Your Body
  • Labor Pain: What is it? How to deal with it.
  • Tried and True Techniques
  • Breathing Techniques, Relaxation
Class 4
  • Labor Support
  • Introducing Doulas: Having a Doula at Your Birth
  • Understanding the Stages of Labor
  • Tour of the Birth Center
Class 5
  • "Gentle Birth Choices": A Film
  • The Pushing Phase of Labor
  • Discussions with a Midwife or OB Doctor
  • Differences in the Labor and Delivery Experience
Class 6
  • Massage Techniques
  • Labor Stations: Reviewing the techniques
  • Discussions with a Newborn Provider
  • Welcoming Your Baby After Birth
Class 7
  • Caring for Moms and Babies Beyond Birth
  • Baby Care