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Birth is a very personal experience. Our nurses, doulas, midwives and doctors want to help you have the experience you and your partner hope for, as much as possible.

A birth plan is your opportunity to tell us your hopes and fears. It helps introduce your support team to us and to determine how we can all work together to make this your experience. It suggests things we have available that you may want to try during labor and allows you to tell us what you might want to try and what you don’t.

While there is much that is unpredictable during labor and delivery, thinking about your choices is a way to envision the birth you want by letting the medical team know what is important to you and how you want certain situations to be handled.

Perhaps the greatest value of developing a birth plan is that it helps you to identify your thoughts on labor and delivery, to recognize choices that are available, and to understand the unpredictability of the birth process.