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The mission of Cheshire Medical Center's pharmacy is to provide the highest quality of pharmaceutical care available through a philosophy of Best Practice. Pharmaceutical care is defined as the responsible provision of individualized medication therapy for the purpose of providing optimal patient outcomes and improving the patient’s quality of life.

The Best Practice philosophy is to...

  • Add value to individual patient care through assuring safe, accurate, rational and cost-effective use of drugs
  • Engage in collaborative practice with other healthcare practitioners for the purpose of improving care and conserving resources
  • Optimize the use of human resources through expanded roles for pharmacy technicians, increased utilization of automation and technology, and the development of the professional role of the pharmacist
  • Make patient-focused transitions into and out of acute care practice settings, ambulatory care or alternative site settings with the patient’s best interest in mind
  • Optimize the impact of pharmacy student training through the development of an educational practice model which results in the attainment of departmental, hospital, and professional goals
  • Serve as a potential recruitment tool and to provide a service to local individuals pursuing a professional career in Pharmacy