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Care & Support for New Parents

The Centering Parenting program offers a group visit model for mother and baby care covering the same topics that are discussed at individual well baby visits between birth and 18 months of age. Each visit provides a safe environment to ask questions and share experiences with members of the Pediatric team who are there to help support and guide you.

At each visit, you will be actively involved in collecting your baby’s growth measurements as well as participating in the physical exam performed by the facilitator of the group. You and your baby will have private time with a healthcare provider and the opportunity to visit with other parents and babies. Other sessions also include additional members of the Pediatrics team and other experts to cover certain topics.

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Discussions are focused around topics relevant to your baby’s age. Important health information and resources are shared along with discussions about parenting, child development and family issues or concerns. A great benefit of the group model is the opportunity to learn from other mothers and families in a supportive setting.

The group meetings are scheduled at intervals similar to the individual well-baby visits with a total of nine group appointments for parents of babies between the ages of two weeks and eighteen months. The visits last 90 minutes each and are scheduled one year in advance to help you organize your personal and work schedules and to help plan child care for other children in your family. The intent of the group is to give mom and baby time together to learn and bond.