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Registration Info

We appreciate your confidence in allowing us to serve your healthcare needs. Registration of all patients is required to insure that your medical record is accurate and that your doctor and insurance company can be informed.

Patients will be asked their name and date of birth as identifiers to bring their information forward in the system. We will then ask you to verify your mailing address, phone, employer and emergency contact persons. We will also, ask to see your insurance card at each visit to verify insurance ID and group numbers, co-pay amounts and the phone number to call for pre-authorizations.

Accurate patient information is necessary for HIPAA compliance. The information asked to be verified is necessary for medical providers to contact the patient with test results & appointment reminders and for medical providers to contact insurance companies for pre-authorizations for tests or surgeries. It’s also necessary to assure the correct person receives the billing statement.

  • It is difficult to coordinate all of this in a busy health care environment and we will do our best to provide confidential, rapid and supportive service.
  • We encourage suggestions and comments regarding your care, including any problems you encountered which we should know about.
  • You may also receive a phone call or letter asking you to participate in a patient satisfaction survey. These surveys are important to us and we encourage your feedback. Your responses can help us improve our service to the community.
  • Feel free to ask at the registration desk if you need directions or assistance. The Volunteer Information Desk is located near the registration area and can also help you. We realize that our building is large and can be confusing, especially on a first visit and we will be glad to help in any way that we can.
Where is Registration?

Central Registration is off the main lobby, where you can register for any doctor, nurse or hospital service appointment within the facility.

Lab Registration is located by the large windows of the Central Lobby. Patients go directly to the lab to have blood drawn or drop off a specimen. The lab registration process is quick, as it utilizes the information taken at the other registration locations. After verifying your patient name and date of birth, you will be assigned a number which the phlebotomist will use when he/she is ready to see you.

Admitting/Surgery/Outpatient Procedure Registrations: These offices are located inside the first door on the left as you enter the building at the main entrance. The hospital operates under several state and federal regulations and requires several additional pieces of information to be added to each registration, so the process takes a bit longer than registering for a doctor visit.

We, the staff, wish to do everything possible to make your visit as pleasant and as comfortable as is possible.