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Jennifer's Story

Jennifer's Story

Home of My Wonderful Obstetrician

Jennifer is a mother of two who found support and comfort from our family-centered birthing and obstetrics program for both pregnancies and deliveries.

During my first pregnancy, Dr. Tim Fisher explained that my placenta was too close to my cervix and prepared me that I might need a c-section. I just wanted to deliver a healthy baby no matter what method. One night four days after my due date, I thought my water had broken, but I had severe bleeding. I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance.

Thankfully, Dr. Fisher was still there doing paperwork in his scrubs so he was ready to go with my c-section. Tyler was delivered about an hour later. It was wonderful to see his little face and beautiful dark hair. Dr. Fisher held him up over the curtain just like in the movies. When I became pregnant with my second child, there was no question who I would choose for my care and delivery. Dr. Fisher welcomed my daughter into the world this past April.