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Becca's Story

"The one fantastic thing for me is that everybody knows each other. They are all in the same hospital system, they can all manage my care under one roof. There is that communication level that I wouldn't be able to get if I went down to Boston for my fertility treatments. The teams of gastroenterology to the infertility group are matched and all going towards the same goal: helping us to start a family."

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Carol's Story

Carol was in constant pain and using crutches for 3 years. Now after her total hip replacement, Carol is actively playing with her grandchildren, gardening, taking daily 2-3 mile walks with her husband, and feels like there's nothing she can't do.

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Christine's Story

"Exhausted and out of breath while visiting my daughter in New Jersey, I barely made it home to New Hampshire to see my doctor in Keene. After a blood test showed that I was dangerously anemic, I was sent to the emergency room for a blood transfusion. There I learned the culprit: leukemia. I was referred to Norris Cotton Cancer Center in Lebanon for bone marrow biopsies and chemotherapy. It was there that I met Dr. Mary Chamberlin.

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Erma & Dale's Story

Within a few years of each other, Erma and her husband Dale both required colon surgery. They felt very lucky to have Dr. Michael Ormont, right here at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene to answer all their questions and provide outstanding results.

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Jennifer's Story

Jennifer is a mother of two who found support and comfort from our family-centered birthing and obstetrics program for both pregnancies and deliveries.

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John's Story

"I practically cut off my ring finger at the middle joint with a table saw. I was working on a house we own in Hudson, New Hampshire. I had just turned the table saw off and I turned and my fingers draped right across the blade. I had to go to the hospital with my right ring finger flopping.

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Joni's Story

“You have no idea how incredible it is after so many years of pain. I feel as if I have my life back.”

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Dr. Todd Silberstein, MD and Nancy Hickox in Nancy’s salon in Swanzey.

Nancy's Story

"The care I receive at CMC/DHK lets me carry on my life exactly how I want to live"

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Steve's Story

Steve was in the last stretch of his descent on Mount Washington last summer and didn’t think he would make it.

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Susan's Story

Susan is an athlete who thought she'd miss an entire season of skiing when she tore the ACL ligament in her knee. The Sports Medicine Center at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene helped her get through the season and back into elite condition.

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Thomas Holbrook with Dr. Guardiano

Thomas' Story

"The staff here are all very professional. It makes you feel very relaxed knowing you're in good hands."

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Virginia's Story

Prior to meeting Dr. DiNubila at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene, Virginia had received an inconsistent array of diagnoses for what might be causing her severe stomach pain. Today, she praises her doctor for really taking the time to figure out what was wrong with her.

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