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Pastoral Ministry

The Pastoral Ministry provides a compassionate and sensitive, dynamic and sacramental ministry to patients, families, and staff in the context of the crisis of illness, institutionalization, and death.

meditation room

Additionally, we are committed to providing a physical space that is quiet and comfortable where staff, patients, and loved ones may gather to renew inner resources, give thanks, pray, grieve and reflect. This space can also be used for relevant religious rituals such as baptisms and memorial services. Our goal is to continue to provide this type of physical and attitudinal environment in partnership with clergy and lay representatives from our community. We provide interfaith pastoral care, spiritual support, and visitation to patients and employees who request our services.

The Pastoral Ministry Office is located directly past the main lobby laboratory waiting area to the left and is open every weekday between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.

The prayer and meditation room is in the same area and is always open to all.


Reverend Bob Ritchie 
Staff Chaplain
(603)-354-5454 x2581

A chaplain or covering clergy or a priest can be contacted any time by calling (603) 354-5400 and alerting the operator that a chaplain is needed.