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What is a Medical Home?

Medical Home is a model of care that promotes close partnerships and coordination of care between individual patients, other health providers and physicians. Rather than treating patients as the sum of several episodic office visits, with the Medical Home model a patient’s care is administered by a physician-led team that provides for the patient’s health needs and coordinates treatment across the healthcare system.

Medical Home physicians demonstrate the benchmarks of patient-centered care that include open scheduling, expanded access, the appropriate use of proven health information systems, and the addition of care coordinators to the healthcare team. It is anticipated this model of care will improve health and health care. The Journal of the American Medical Association notes, “The concept of a patient–centered medical home is gaining traction in debates about expanding access, improving quality and restraining the cost of health care. These homes include physician–led multidisciplinary teams that provide comprehensive primary care... integrated, evidence-based quality measurement, better communication for the patient experience and modern health information technology.”

The partnership between patients, mid level providers and doctors in a medical home fosters an all-too-rare goal in modern medical care; staying healthy and preventing illness in the first place. In a Medical Home, a great deal of emphasis is put on wellness, prevention, health screenings, and other strategies that allow people to take a greater responsibility for maintaining their health. The Medical Home team takes a proactive approach to working with patients to achieve the best possible health outcomes.