Our Departments


Your Medical Home Team

Whether it’s helping you get the most from your appointments, following up on tests and recommendations, prescribing and monitoring medications, facilitating transitions of care, consulting on behavioral health issues, coordinating support services, or tracking records and paperwork, your team has got you covered.

Primary Care Providers (PCPs) may be a doctor, either a Family Physician or Internal Medicine Physician, or your PCP may be a Nurse Practitioner (APRN).  They collaborate with Associate Providers and other members of your team to address your specific health concerns. They also work with you to create health and wellness goals and a plan to reach those goals.

Associate Providers are Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners.  They partner with your PCP to ensure your current treatment plans are being followed. They diagnose, as well as prescribe treatment and medications.

Nurse Practitioners (APRNs) are registered nurses with additional education, clinical training, and are Board Certified (or Board Eligible pending certification) from the American Nurses Credentialing Center.  They are able to diagnose illness and prescribe treatment to patients.

Physician Assistants (PA-Cs) are certified health care professionals who diagnose illness and prescribe treatment to patients under a physician’s supervision.  Our Physician Assistants work hand-in-hand with your PCP.

Collaborative Care Nurses (CCNs) work closely with you and your PCP to help manage chronic conditions. With ongoing check-ins, you and your CCN focus on education, mentoring, and health coaching. CCNs also oversee lab tests, and health screenings, and monitor the progress of preventative care protocols.  

Registry Coordinators make sure that patients are getting their routine and preventative screenings and are up-to-date with their PCP’s recommendations for chronic illness management.

RN Care Coordinators are Registered Nurses (RNs) who work with your PCP.  Although you may see your Care Coordinator for a teaching visit or blood pressure check, most of their work with you is done between visits.  They are mainly involved with patients who have special health care needs or those with long-term illnesses.  They help facilitate your transition of care from CMC/DHK to home, a skilled nursing facility, or a nursing home.

Results Management Nurses contact you about test results and your PCP’s recommendations.  They communicate directly with your PCP to help answer your questions about test results and arrange appropriate follow-up care.

Medication Renewal Managers help to ensure that your refills are completed in a timely fashion.

Team Phone Nurses help triage and provide advice for your medical concerns and needs.  They communicate directly with your PCP.

Behavioral Health Consultants work with your PCP to manage complex behavioral health issues.

Forms Managers help to complete, track, and scan your paperwork into your medical record.  They ensure that your paperwork is done in a timely manner.  They work with pharmacists to obtain Prior Authorizations so that your prescriptions are covered by your insurance plan.

Patient Flow Staff make sure that you get the most out of your appointment by ensuring your vital signs, medication lists, allergies, and immunizations are up-to-date.

Call Center Receptionists direct your incoming phone calls to the appropriate staff member.  They schedule appointments, tests, and consults.