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How to Prepare for Breastfeeding

It is natural to have many questions about how to feed your baby. If you have decided to nurse your baby here are some suggestions on how you can get ready.

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  • Attend a childbirth education, prenatal breastfeeding class or a La Leche League meeting. Bring the father of the baby and/or family members who may have questions about breastfeeding.
  • Talk with other expectant moms. Spend some time with women who are nursing or who have nursed their babies.
  • Read. (See recommended books for breastfeeding families.)
  • Choose a pediatrician or family practitioner who supports breastfeeding.
  • Relax, eat well and take care of yourself.
  • Plan to listen to your baby. Most newborn babies need to be held and fed a lot. It is normal for newborns to nurse often at first.