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Prenatal Education Classes

Pregnancy is a new and exciting time in your life. Childbirth education empowers women to understand the process of labor and birth, trust their inner wisdom, and make informed choices in health care for themselves and their baby.

If you have any questions about our classes, please call 354-5454 ext. 8388.

Childbirth Express Class
This fast paced class gives expectant families an overview of the normal process of labor and birth. Learn labor coping strategies, interventions, medication options and tour the Women and Children's Health Unit. $75.00
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Beyond Birth - Caring for Baby
This class focuses on the care of your new baby. Learn about normal newborns, signs of illness, bathing, diapering, swaddling, newborn behavior, sleep and more! $25.00
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Breastfeeding 101
This class prepares expectant families for breastfeeding their new baby. Topics include mechanics of nursing, including latching and position, how to know the baby is getting enough milk and avoiding breastfeeding roadblocks. Taught by a Certified Lactation Consultant. $25.00 (includes Breastfeeding - Beyond the Early Days)
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Keeping Baby Safe
This important class covers the basics of nfant CPR, choking, first aid, baby proofing your home and other important safety topics! Recommended for all new parents. $25.00
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Prenatal Yoga
Practice postures and breathing techniques that will leave you relaxed, strenghened and rejuvenated. Learn ways to relieve common aches and and pains, and labor techniques. 6 Week Sessions - $60.00 per session
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Prenatal Aquatic Exercise Class
Every Tuesday, 5:00-6:00pm., Farnum Outpatient Rehab, Central Building, Lower Level.
Prepare yourself for the birth process! The bouyancy effect of water decreases stress on the joints and reduces swelling, pain and promotes wellness. $5.00 Per class, participants must pay in advance in person by the 1st Tuesday of every month, at the Farnum Outpatient Department at CMC. For more information please call (603) 354-6630.

Prenatal Smoking Cessation Education & Support Group
Call for dates and times.
Pregnant moms and partners learn about ways to help reduce/quit smoking, how to deal with people who smoke around them, and meet other moms to find out what is working for them. For more information and to register call the Prenatal Coordinator's office at 354-6641.