Older adults and CPR: What you need to know

CPR training According to a recent study presented at the American Heart Association’s (AHA) Scientific Sessions 2016, many adults ages 50 and older don’t know CPR. This is problematic since people in their 50s and 60s can suffer from sudden cardiac arrest, often at home, and could benefit greatly from this lifesaving method. The AHA says immediate CPR can double or triple the chances of survival after sudden cardiac arrest.

The researchers, who surveyed over 9,000 people ages 18 and older, found that less than 18 percent of people over 18 said they were currently trained in CPR or chest compression techniques. Other survey results:

  • About 65 percent said they had once learned CPR
  • Compared to younger adults, respondents ages 50 and older were 50 percent less likely to have CPR training

If you’re interested in learning this important skill or taking a refresher course, the American Heart Association offers information on CPR and first aid training.