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What Are My Vaccine Options?

There are many different flu vaccines currently available within our community. CMC/DHK offers a variety of options, listed below:

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Vaccine Option
Available at CMC/DHK?
Trivalent shot: the standard flu shot to protect against three strains of flu virus. It is usable for people ages 6 months and up Yes
Preservative Free: vaccine without Thiomersal
Fluzone High-Dose vaccine: mainly for older people to give them a quick boost in immune response and protection. (* Is only given to patients over 65 years of age) Yes*
Fluzone Intradermal vaccine: uses a microneedle that injects vaccine into the skin rather than the muscle. (for patients age 18-64 years old). No
FluBlok: made without the use of eggs, is considered a good alternative for people with serious egg allergies. No
Quadrivalent injectable: a fourth strain of virus is added to the usual three No