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Observation Unit (EDOU)

This facility is designed for the management of problems initially evaluated in Emergency Care but needing longer observation and care.

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Some examples include:

  • A patient with chest pain whose initial evaluation does not suggest a heart attack, but who needs repeat test (usually in 6 or 12 hours) to be sure.
  • A patient with a bad asthma attack that has not cleared with initial treatment in Emergency Care.
  • A patient with abdominal pain who needs further pain control or diagnostic studies.

Patients may be placed in the EDOU for up to 24 hours. By that time, their care will either be completed or determined that they need to be admitted to the hospital. Services are offered in a quiet environment, removed from the activity of Emergency Care. Patients have their own TV, access to a phone, meals at regularly scheduled meal times, and visitors are welcome. (Due to the size of the unit, the number of visitors may be limited at times.)