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Cheshire Medical Center recognizes that emergency medical care begins in the community with crucial emergency treatment provided by call, volunteer, and paid Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals. These devoted providers have fulfilled many hours of training to be licensed to provide emergency medical care either as an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), or an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT). Communities are also supported by Paramedics from either the Keene Fire Department or Diluzio Ambulance Service when the patient’s condition requires a higher level of advanced care.

Recognizing this fact, Cheshire Medical Center, in cooperation with our surrounding towns, supports the emergency medical system with the goal to provide the very best pre-hospital care to all patients.

Utilizing emergency medical dispatch protocols from New Hampshire 911, our centralized dispatch center (Southwestern New Hampshire District Fire Mutual Aid) sends the most appropriate resources to every emergency. Operating under protocols established by the State of New Hampshire Bureau of Emergency Medical Services with support from our board certified EMS Medical Director, and utilizing on-line medical control with physicians in the Emergency Department, EMS providers provide life-saving interventions at the scene, and enroute to the hospital.

This relationship between EMS and the Emergency Department staff is key! Working as a team, our pre-hospital, emergency department, and in-hospital personnel rely on each other. From 911 dispatch to first responder to ambulance crew to paramedic to emergency room staff to trauma surgeon, there is no separation in our efforts.

For all of us, high quality patient care is our highest priority!

Our EMS program provides medical direction, quality assurance patient care feedback, and education to the following services and communities…

Acworth Fire/Rescue
Alstead Fire/Rescue/Ambulance
Cheshire Country Sheriffs Department
Chesterfield Fire Rescue
City of Keene Fire Rescue Ambulance
City of Keene Police Department Tactical Team
Fitzwilliam Fire Rescue Ambulance
Gilsum Fire Rescue
Granite Gorge Ski Patrol
Harrisville Fire Rescue
Langdon Fire Rescue
Marlborough Fire Rescue
Marlow Fire Rescue Ambulance
Monadnock State Park Rangers
Nelson Fire Rescue
North Walpole Fire Rescue
R J Diluzio Ambulance Service
Rescue, Inc.
Richmond Fire Rescue
Rogers Rangers
Spofford Fire Rescue
Sullivan Fire Rescue
Surry Fire Rescue
Swanzey Fire Rescue
Troy Fire Rescue Ambulance
Walpole Fire Rescue Ambulance
Westmoreland Fire Rescue
Winchester Fire Rescue Ambulance