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Smartphone Apps

The number of apps is growing constantly.  The following lists are not endorsements of a particular app, but have been compiled from diabetes resources.  Some are available for a fee, while some are free.

  • Lose it!
  • Go Meals
  • Calorie Counter by MyNetDiary.  Works with www.mynetdiary.com
  • Fooducate - Scan barcodes, get health pro’s and con’s, "like" foods and keep records.
  • Glucose Buddy-Diabetes Helper - Log glucose numbers, carb intake, insulin doses and activity.
  • Diabetic Meal Planner Lite - Glycemic Index
  • Diabetes Log - Log glucose readings, food intake and medicine records.
  • Type2Friendly - Helps you find chain and fast food restuarants, provides   nutritional data.
  • Glucose Mate Free - Glucose logging data
  • Diabetes Health Mobile
  • Workout Trainer