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Taking a team approach to diabetes care and prevention.

The key to prevention or delay of diabetes and treatment of diagnosed diabetes is an organized, systematic approach to adopting and sustaining the necessary lifestyle skills and behaviors. With the support of their Primary Care team and the Cheshire Medical Center’s Diabetes Care Network, our patients can access the education, counseling and care they need for successful self-management, both at the time of diagnosis and over the course of treatment.

The Network brings together a team consisting of an endocrinologist, primary care providers, collaborative care nurses, dietitians, diabetes educators, health psychologists, clinical pharmacists, physical therapists, podiatrists, ophthalmologists, neurologists, and cardiologists to provides patient with medical care, education and assistance with lifestyle changes.

Whether the approach involves early prevention, delay or control of diabetes, Cheshire’s Primary Care and Endocrinology teams work with each patient to map out an individual self-management care plan of action. The Collaborative Care Nurse, an essential member of the Primary Care team, helps patients coordinate, monitor and sustain their prediabetes or diabetes care plan. Learn more about the differences between diabetes and prediabetes.

What is Diabetes 
A brief overview of the differences between diabetes, prediabetes, and gestational diabetes.

Self-Management Education & Support
Learn about diabetes self-management, including nutritional counseling and how to delay or prevent complications. Find out about our diabetes support group or make an appointment for individual one-on-one counseling and instruction.

Diabetes Patient Care & Counseling
Our Diabetes Care Network consists of a team of specially trained and certified clinicians who offer patients a multifaceted approach that includes medical care, coping skills and assistance with lifestyle change.

Diabetes Resources & Links
Download helpful resources for living with diabetes, as well as find informative links to more information and support online.

Diabetes Prevention Education & Support
Calculate your risk for Type 2 diabetes and learn about what you can do to prevent it. Register for our diabetes prevention overview class or sign up for the more in-depth Cheshire Diabetes Prevention Program.