Employee Testimonials

At Cheshire Medical Center, our most valuable assets are our employees. From our care providers to our support staff, we feel fortunate to employ a dedicated, talented and professional team.

We invite you to read what a few of our employees have to say...

Abe Howe, Imaging Network Coordinator
Radiology Department

Abe Howe

Abe started as a student, then became a staff technologist. Cheshire Medical Center nurtured his growth and supported further education through education assistance. He has just finished his Bachelors degree.

Abe mentions that there's "always a positive team environment here, within and outside of your own department. We also have a great program with the Children's Learning Center to help provide care and a positive place for children while you are working."

"It's been a very positive experience for me. I've been here 14 years and wouldn’t think of going somewhere else. I feel secure here and there's always opportunities within."

Sandy Hamlin, Diagnostic and Financial Services Supervisor
Radiology Department

Sandy Hamlin

Sandy started at Cheshire Medical Center in January 1995 in the Education, Training and Development department and then went on to Transcription for 10 years. "It's like a big family...and they promote that through events for employees, such as ice cream socials, etc. We have a really good reputation in the community and it's a great place to work. I've formed a lot of long term friendships."

Sandy also says: "the benefits are fantastic and earned time is wonderful. Health insurance and retirement process is really awesome. I was glad I could keep my years of service when I transferred – that was a big benefit. They also offer flexibility in my schedule. Every department I've been in has been more than willing to allow me to make up time if I have an appointment. I like working here and like all the people...there are so many hard working people here."

Todd Miller, Physical Therapist
Sports Medicine Department

Todd Miller with Patient

"I live in Vermont and the reason I came to Cheshire Medical Center is because of their involvement with Bellows Falls and Brattleboro and the outreach to the community. I wanted to go where the highest quality of care is. People have bent over backwards since I showed interest in working here and the compensation was more than I expected. Within realistic bounds, everything is taken care of in regards to grants, funds, etc. You're not going to find a better place to work."