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The Cardiac Rehabilitation Center at Cheshire Medical Center offers a comprehensive outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program designed for men and women who have experienced a recent heart event.

To contact the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center,
please call (603) 354-6565

Those who have had a heart attack and/or a coronary vascular procedure will find this program to be a valuable tool as they prepare to return to good health.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Center offers two types of exercise programs and educational classes. They include:

  • Monitored exercise for those who have had a recent heart event
  • Risk factor modification education classes

We are staffed by highly trained professionals and our programs are conducted under the direction of a board certified cardiologist.

Our ultimate goal is to enable each patient to adapt to a new way of life that is heart healthy, personally satisfying, and can be maintained well into the future. At the Cardiac Rehabilitation program, patients will meet others who are also recovering form a recent heart event. This networking can be extremely beneficial. We also encourage family members to be involved in each phase of the process so that they are able to offer the support patients need during recovery and into their heart healthy lifestyle.