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Hospice Care

The goals of Hospice care are to maintain quality of life and to enable a terminally ill person to manage his or her illness at home. Hospice services for The Kingsbury Center for Cancer Care are primarily coordinated by Home Health, Hospice, and Community Services.

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Hospice care includes skilled professional nurses who are specifically trained in pain management, symptom control, and psychosocial support related to end of life issues. Dr Alex Bonica, from the Cheshire Medical Center, is the Medical Director for the program. There are also nurses aides, social workers, chaplains and physical therapists, as needed, to provide a holistic approach to care. On-call services are available as well as volunteer support services so the patient and family do not feel alone during this emotional time. A hospice room at The Cheshire Medical Center is also available, if a brief hospitalization is necessary.

For more information about Hospice and Palliative Care services call (603) 352-2253.