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Procedures & Treatments

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center-Kingsbury Pavilion provides comprehensive cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery services to the residents of southwestern New Hampshire, as well as the neighboring communities in northern Massachusetts and southeastern Vermont. We offer the following procedures & treatments:

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Radiation Oncology

  • Board certified radiation oncologist
  • Consultation services for cancer diagnoses
  • Treatment Planning with CT scanner and ADAC computer system
  • IMRT: Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy
  • Simulation
  • Radiation Therapy with Varian linear accelerator

Medical Oncology

  • Four Board Certified hematologists/oncologists
  • Consultation services for Hematological illnesses and cancer diagnoses
  • Bone Marrow biopsy
  • Chemotherapy infusion
  • Clinical Trials
  • Education and Support
  • Oncology Nurse Certified Nursing Professionals
  • Wound management
  • Symptom management
  • Education and Support
  • End of Life Care

Surgical Oncology

  • General surgeons and surgical specialists to treat the variety of cancer types
  • Sentinel node biopsy for breast and melanoma
  • Implantation of vascular access devices for chemotherapy infusion

Palliative Care

  • Consultation services by a physician, nurse, social work, and clergy member
  • Symptom management
  • Decision making regarding end of life care
  • Education to promote the understanding of the disease process
  • Assistance with Advanced Care planning
  • Referral to Hospice Care

Cancer Screening