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About Certified Asthma Educators

The mission of a Certified Asthma Educator, AE-C, is to promote optimal asthma management and education to increase a person's quality of life. The Certified Asthma Educator partners with individuals and families to provide excellence in asthma care.

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Certified Asthma Educators follow the national guidelines set by the NHLBI, The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute and the NAEPP, National Asthma Education Prevention Program.

The certified asthma educator:

  • Provides asthma education to all age groups
  • Presents an overview of: What is asthma?
  • Instructs individuals on medications, home environment, allergies, asthma triggers, smoking cessation and self management
  • Teaches the proper technique of asthma devices, including inhalers, Aero chamber, peak flow meter and recording of peak flow diary
  • Works with the individual and family, along with the Primary Care Provider, Allergist and/or Pulmonologist to develop a personalized asthma plan of care.

Dr. Nathaniel Hare, Allergist/Immunologist, enjoys "solving puzzles" by listening to his patients and helping sort out the problem. He is Board Certified in Allergy/Immunology by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology and in Internal Medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine.