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Free Skin Cancer Screening - May 31

May 25, 2012
Keene, NH

Free skin cancer screenings will be held May 31 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at the Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene's Center for Dermatology & Cosmetic Care at 51 Railroad Street in Keene, NH. This screening opportunity is available for community members who are under insured or for those without health insurance. Please call 603-354-6571 to schedule an appointment. Walk-ins are also welcome.

Screenings will be performed by board-certified dermatologists Dr. Robert Guardiano, Dr. George Lovett, and Dr. Gregory Seymour. "With early detection and treatment, skin cancer is highly curable. We encourage everyone to start a habit of examining their skin." says Dr. Robert Guardiano.

Skin self-examination consists of periodically inspecting the body for any changes in size, color, shape or texture of a mole, the development of a new mole or any unusual changes in skin. Any of these signs should be reported to a health care professional right away.

To do a thorough exam, it's important to use a full-length and a hand-held mirror to see the back of the head, back and buttocks. It is also important to remember to examine the scalp, the soles of feet, between toes, under arms and the palms of hands.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment please call Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene's Center for Dermatology & Cosmetic Care at 603-354-6571.

Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene is a nonprofit community hospital and clinic with a mission to lead our community to become the nation's healthiest through our clinical and service excellence, collaboration, and compassion for every patient, every time. Founded by CMC/D-HK, Vision 2020 is a community-wide health initiative designed to actively engage the citizens of Cheshire County in the process of becoming the nation's healthiest community by 2020. To learn more, call 603-354-5400.

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