4th Quarter Employee Awards Presented

November 21, 2011
Keene, NH

Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene recently recognized outstanding staff members with the Fourth-Quarter Presidents' Service Excellence and Leadership Awards. The recipients of the Presidents' Service Excellence Award were Donna Gawron, RN, Department of Rheumatology, and Andrea Smith, Receptionist, Department of Family Medicine. Rebecca Pratt, RN, Clinical Leader of Clinic Surgical Services and Women's Health, received the Leadership Award.

Presidents' Service Excellence Award

The Presidents' Award recognizes employees nominated by their co-workers as those who exemplify extraordinary service to others, characterized by compassion, courtesy, responsiveness to the needs of others, and a positive team attitude.

Donna Gawron, RN, Department of Rheumatology

As a Registered Nurse in Rheumatology, Donna Gawron's quiet, caring, intelligent demeanor helps patients and staff members feel at ease. Her adept nursing skills transcend several disciplines in nursing practice, distinguishing her as a valuable asset to the patient care team. She is prompt, courteous, and always respectful in her interactions and communications with others, and she adheres to privacy and confidentiality policies. Donna Gawron fosters positive relationships with her patients and co-workers by earning their trust and confidence.

Andrea Smith, Receptionist, Department of Family Medicine

Andrea Smith exemplifies the characteristics of a Presidents' Service Excellence Award recipient. She exhibits exceptional task-oriented skills with scheduling and goes above and beyond expectations to recognize and acknowledge every person she encounters in a friendly and professional manner. Peers describe Andrea Smith as "one who stands out," an employee who applies her extensive knowledge and experience effectively and with compassion. (We respect Andrea's preference of not being photographed.)


The Leadership Award recognizes employees who demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities with excellence in caring, character, commitment, competence, and communication.

Rebecca Pratt, RN, Clinical Leader of Clinic Surgical Services and Women's Health

Rebecca Pratt's success as a leader comes from her effective application of skills, knowledge, enthusiasm, and high energy. She has significantly streamlined medical office processes through creative thinking and a team approach that has improved morale. She helped with the development and implementation of the Centering Pregnancy program in Women's Health, a complex process involving schedule planning and working with members of the Facilities Department on space design. Always keeping patients' needs in mind, Rebecca Pratt helps the team to balance traditional care with non-traditional care, offering a wide range of choices for the patients. Recognizing Rebecca Pratt's exemplary leadership skills, the organization recently named her Clinical Leader for Clinic Surgical Services in addition to her leadership role in Women's Health.

Congratulations and thanks to these deserving award recipients!

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