Joint Commission Accreditation

gold seal

The goal of The Joint Commission accreditation process is to monitor and accelerate performance improvement in health care organizations. They focus on four areas that support accreditation services: information dissemination, public policy initiatives, performance measurement and patient safety. We recently received the final report on an unannounced survey at the CMC/DHK campus. In it, The Joint Commission cited a significant number of highlights, with special mention made of the following:

  • In regard to our focus on patients – how convenient our services are for patients, how our care is truly patient-focused and how decisions are made with patients’ interests foremost in mind;
  • An unusual degree of cooperation between medical staff and many of our clinical support staff groups, especially among nurses and the pharmacy;
  • How we function as a single, cohesive organization, with excellent communication throughout;
  • How supportive, engaged and cooperative the medical staff is;
  • Our teamwork and esprit de corps;
  • The willingness of all staff members to share their knowledge with the surveyors;
  • The dedication and knowledge of our Board of Trustees;
  • The clean and pleasant facilities.
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