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Advocacy and the legislative process
NH state house

The state of New Hampshire has one of the largest legislative bodies in the world — its House has 400 members, while the Senate has only 24. Some would say the legislative process can be confusing, with so many legislators introducing bills, and so many important issues being considered.

Even those citizens who follow lawmaking activities very closely can lose track of the issues important to them. Here at CMC/DHK, many of our employees have asked if there is a way the organization can help its physicians, employees, and volunteers understand and keep track of legislative issues important to those who work here. For this reason, we've put together an advocacy section on our website. Through this section, we hope to keep our staff, volunteers, and friends updated regarding state and national legislative issues which might affect them.

The next few years will continue to be very active with regard to both state and Federal health care reform, and we believe our staff, physicians, and volunteers, and the public in general, need to stay abreast of the trends which could affect CMC/DHK and our health care system as this reform process unfolds.

In creating this area on our site, it is our intention to present the facts as we know them, to include links to other websites for visitors to learn more, and to provide contact information for legislative leaders.

Art Nichols, CEO
Office of the President

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