Community Benefit Report

Cheshire Medical Center has a long history of serving those who live and work in our area through community health improvement activities.  Whether they be individual efforts –giving a talk in the community, serving on a local Board of Directors, or doing a health-related activity in a local school – or large programs sponsored by Cheshire Medical Center – our efforts make a significant difference in the health status of our community.  We also remain committed to serving as our areas health care safety net provider by offering charity care and other financial assistance for uninsured and low-income people.

The state of NH Attorney General’s Office requires that we submit a report including a Community Benefits Plan and an annual Inventory under RSA 7:32-c1.  The annual report quantifies the benefit to our community including the dollar value of the time spent and expenses incurred by our organization in performing community benefits.  Every five years our organization completes a community needs assessment. Our community benefit activities are crafted in response to the needs of our community.

Community Benefits Reports
Needs Assessments