Cheshire Medical Center is Celebrating Nurses Week!

May 8th, 2018

At Cheshire Medical Center we are excited to celebrate Nurses Week 2018.  Nursing is the backbone of our nation's health system. Below is a list of our nurses who have earned recognition this year. Visit our Facebook page to share your gratitude for the nurses in your life.

2017 – IOLA Hubbard Recipients
Michele Apkarian, RN
Jaymie Miller, RN

2018 - Clint Jones Nominees
Molly Lower, RN
Heather Palmer, RN

4th Quarterly PPM Nursing Excellence Award
Kelly Chamberlain, RN
Bridget Murphy, RN
Colleen Lauer, RN
Jennifer Osborne, RN
Mindy Glasschroeder, RN
Kim Braught, RN
Janelle Black, RN
Kelly Kirkpatrick, RN
Laurie Goldsmith, RN
Betty Bass-Gray, RN
Jennifer Salmonson, RN
Melvena Boyd, RN
Stephanie Morse, RN
Mallory Armstrong, RN
Katelyn Gibbons, RN
Heather, Keese, RN

2018 IOLA Hubbard Nominees
Breanna Harper, RN
Elizabeth Barry, RN
Kelsey Page, RN
Sandra Henry, RN
Stephanie Morse, RN
Kelly Kirkpatrick, RN
Latasha Heape, CRNA
Kristin Rossi, CRNA
Jeannine Key, LPN
Ryan Firmin, RN
Heather Palmer, RN
Chelsea Nadeau, RN
Sara Fitzgerald, RN
Kristin Cempe, RN
Linda Kassotis, RN
Carmen Carignan, RN
Jeannelle Black, RN
Sharon Johnson, RN