Cheshire Medical Center Presents the Iola Hubbard Nursing Award

June 6th, 2017

2017 Iola Hubbard Winners

Michele Apkarian, RN, Special Services; Jaymie Miller, RN, Family Medicine, Nurse Clinic

Cheshire Medical Center, a Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health affiliate recently presented The 2017 Iola Hubbard Nursing Award. Established in March 1987 by Iola Hubbard’s husband to honor his wife and in appreciation of the exceptional care she received as a Cheshire Medical Center patient, this prestigious nursing award recognizes nurses who “consistently demonstrate compassion for patients, sensitivity to their needs and excellence in the practice of nursing.” Twenty nurses were nominated this year: Michele Apkarian, RN, Special Services; Betty Bass-Gray, RN, Kingsbury Unit; Beth Borelli-Kurman, RN, Float Pool;  Bette Butson, RN, Walpole Family Medicine; Skyler Connor, RN, Thompson Unit; Julie Croteau, RN, Dermatology; Jennifer Delano, RN, Intensive Care Unit; Barbara Fisher, RN, Farnum Rehabilitation Center; Joan Fletcher, LPN, Cardiology; Mindy Glasschroeder, RN, Women and Children’s Health Unit; Laurie Goldsmith, RN, Emergency Department; Melanie  Gorecki, RN, Kingsbury Unit;  Breanna Harper, RN, Kingsbury Unit; Sarah Kingsley, RN, Kingsbury Unit; Pam Merritt, RN, Administrative Clinical Supervisors; Patrick Meyer, RN, Farnum Rehabilitation Center; Jaymie Miller, RN, Family Medicine, Nurse Clinic; Jen Miller, RN, Farnum Rehabilitation Center; Kendra Severance, LPN, Family Medicine; Darlene Smith, RN, Progressive Care Unit.

From the 20 nominees, two nurses received the 2017 Hubbard Award for their passion, engagement and commitment to our patients: Michele Apkarian, RN, Special Services and Jaymie Miller, RN, Family Medicine, Nurse Clinic

The quality and expertise of those nominated and the evolving excellence in nursing practice at the Medical Center instills a sense of pride for all who are associated with our organization. Please join us in congratulating the Hubbard Award recipients and nominees, and extend sincere thanks to the nurses who work together to help provide quality care to our patients.

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