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Green Up Keene

Submitted by Garett Kopczynski

As the piles of snow recede, litter and other trash that has accumulated over the winter, comes into view. Working together across the community, we can make a great stride toward cleaning up the city of Keene.

Green Up Keene brings together individuals from a variety of organizations, other interested citizens, and the city government in a team effort to beautify Keene. The main event will be focused around the clean-up day on Saturday, April 14th, 2012, from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon, coffee and other refreshments included, with some groups helping on April 13th or 15th depending on availability. Last year alone, Green Up Keene volunteers picked up approximately 2 tons of trash! Green Up Keene is looking for any volunteers and all are welcome! Businesses that elect to participate prior to the weekend may arrange to pick up bags ahead of time at the Keene Department of Public Works, 350 Marlboro Street.

We hope that your organization will be a part of Green Up Keene to help clean up our beautiful community! Please choose a section of the city, or a street or two, to which you are willing to send volunteers to pick up trash. We want to cover as much of the Keene area as possible, with a focus on those areas that seem to accumulate the highest volumes of trash. Even a few volunteers, giving an hour of time, can cover a lot of ground!

Please contact Garett Kopczynski if you are interested in helping or if you would like to sign up for a section of the City to clean up. Visit the City of Keene website for more information and keep up to date on our Facebook page to find out more how you can help and contribute to the planning process!