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Champions Moment - Frank Mazzola

frank mazzolaFrank Mazzola lives in Keene and became a Champion in October 2010 at the first Vision 2020 Summit where he made the pledge to live, share, model, and inspire healthy lifestyle behaviors in support of the Vision 2020 initiative. Frank is a middle school health education teacher for the Fall Mountain Regional School District.

Frank, as a health education teacher working with 6th, 7th, and 8th graders from three different schools in the Fall Mountain district for the past 12 years, has many opportunities throughout the day to live, share, model and inspire Vision 2020 in his life and in the lives of others. He became a Champion because “it’s the right thing to do. It’s important to live and model a healthy lifestyle if I expect my students to take me seriously. Frank feels that it “makes sense that schools, businesses, families, and community organizations coordinate efforts to efficiently make the Vision 2020 goal a reality.”

After becoming a Champion in at the first Vision 2020 Summit in October 2010, Linda Rubin, the Director of Vision 2020, told the attendees that she envisioned her role as “bringing together and coordinating many disparate health related activities occurring throughout the region” . It struck Frank that his role is “very similar, but on a smaller scale” through his health education work with middle school children.

Frank, with support from the Fall Mountain district, has done a lot of work around enhancing health and wellness into their schools, but unfortunately are facing challenges. Frank says that “The Fall Mountain schools and communities have adopted many health enhancing policies, initiatives, and programs, but they are isolated and confined to a particular school or town. For example, we have a School District Wellness Committee, a School Nurse Wellness Group, a Walpole Town Wellness Group, and a Walpole Parent/Teacher Group Wellness initiative.”

Fall Mountain schools have implemented various programs supporting healthy eating and active living such as “a fresh fruits and vegetables program, a walking program, instant recess breaks during the day, however, all are at different schools without coordination or a sense of cohesiveness.” Vision 2020 is all about improving the health of our community which includes aligning all of the great things that are already going on in our community around healthy eating and active living. Frank sees his role, as a member of the district wellness committee, to help bring these great ideas to the forefront and aligning them with Vision 2020. He encourages many of his colleagues and students to become Vision 2020 Champions so that we can all work together in becoming the healthiest community in the nation.

Frank invites all of his “current and former students to become Champions as they live, share, model, and inspire their own families and community to sustain the Vision 2020 goal throughout their lives” and to believe that together, we can live in the nation’s healthiest community.