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Shopping Smart at the Supermarket

Submitted by Champion & KSC Nutrition Intern, Katie Bradford

groceriesHave you ever gone to the supermarket with the intention of picking up just one or two things and wound up leaving with an overflowing cart instead? This article is meant to give you some helpful shopping tips in order to better organize and execute a healthy grocery shopping experience.

Shop the perimeter: The freshest, least processed foods are located around the perimeters of supermarkets. Avoid getting sucked into the middle isles as much as possible. Supermarkets typically place milk in the back of the store so that customers will have to walk through the entire store to get there in hopes you will buy something unnecessary on impulse.

Best time to shop: Try to avoid shopping during peak hours (5-7 pm on weekdays) and weekend mornings. Escaping “rush hour” at the grocery store will allow you to feel less stressed and better able to think rationally about what you are putting into your basket.

Don’t shop on an empty stomach: You are more likely to give in to purchasing those unhealthy snacks if your stomach is rumbling. Make sure to eat a healthy snack or meal before heading to the grocery store.

Make a list and stick to it: By abiding by this helpful tip you will be less apt to forget items that you need and you will avoid buying items on impulse. This will save you money because you will only buy what you need and in the amount you need.

Buy a variety of healthy foods: If you have a variety of healthy food options at home you will be less likely to give into an unhealthy snack or meal. The best way to avoid eating unhealthful is to not expose yourself to the unhealthy foods, do not keep them in the house. Also, do not be afraid of trying new fruits and vegetables, be adventurous and share your positive experiences with your friends and family!

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