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Champions Moment- May 2012

mocoMoCo Arts, a non-profit arts education center in Keene, NH, became an Organizational Champion of Vision 2020 on February 20th, 2012 when their organization made the pledge to live, share, model and inspire healthy lifestyles and behaviors in support of the Vision 2020 initiative.

Reagan Messer, Director of MoCo Arts, is “proud to support the Vision 2020 goal of creating a healthier community”. MoCo Arts became a Champion because “our mission is transforming lives through movement and creative expression, which naturally leads to better health”. Reagan believes that “Healthy habits start young. Young people need fun, creative and inspiring opportunities for building a healthy, active lifestyle. Through promoting the Vision 2020 initiative, we are pleased to partner with other family and community-minded organizations that reach youth and families in our community to help them grow up strong and healthy”.

As an Organizational Champion, MoCo pledged to promote the message of 5-2-1-0 (at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day, 2 hours or less of screen time, at least 1 hour of physical activity, and zero sugary drinks) to the children in their classes and camps emphasizing the importance of good nutrition and physical activity. Reagan, a father of two children himself, feels that “accessibility to after-school opportunities that promote an active lifestyle is essential for fostering a healthier community. Childhood obesity and TV viewing are both on the rise”. Offering tuition assistance to help get kids away from the video screen and into the studios is just one way MoCo Arts contributes to the health of our community. “Through dance and acting, young people develop the self-discipline it takes to be healthy and the pride in their achievements that will continue to motivate them to reach their full potential”.

Amy Gershfield, Champion and long time dance student at MoCo Arts, believes that “the dance education I have received has helped me discover my physical and creative potential. Kids need safe and supportive places where they can develop an appreciation for their bodies and how they work”. Amy has been inspired to be a fitness trainer, which will allow her to share her passion for wellness with others.

MoCo Arts believes that as an arts organization, “everyone needs a little inspiration. We are excited that the Vision 2020 Champions have stepped up throughout the community to inspire the community to be the healthiest it can be!” Being a Champion just “makes sense”, says Reagan. MoCo believes even “if dance isn’t a person’s ‘knitch’, it is about getting kids moving more, supporting Vision 2020’s goal which we are proud of doing!”

Each month you will hear from one of our Champions about his/her journey towards a long, higher quality life. The "Champions Moments" videos are being produced by fellow Champions, Chris Coates and Kendall Lane, who also serve as the hosts. The 5-10 minute spots air on Channel 8 throughout each month and are also available for viewing on the Vision 2020 YouTube site. Thank you to Cheshire TV for taking your time to be a part of Vision 2020 by filming a Champion every month! For more information on Cheshire TV, please visit their website at